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Philly-based spice company accelerates growth plan

PHILADELPHIA – WannaRub™, a veteran-owned spice rub and seasoning company, is accelerating its growth plan seeking nationwide distributors and passionate people looking to represent our brand in their local communities.

“After our official launch in May 2019, we honestly didn’t know what to expect”, said Eric Strohl, Rub Master and Founder of WannaRub. “We knew we had a great product based on reviews from family, friends, BBQ connoisseurs, and early adopters. However, getting more people to try WannaRub without being able to taste it was challenging.” We started out selling online using Facebook and Instagram ads, attending local festivals, and building relationships with local store owners.

What started as a passionate hobby has turned into a full-fledged operation with the company selling over 5,000 bottles of WannaRub, adding customers across the continental US. “Our fans love WannaRub along with the tasty recipes created by Anne Strohl, Wannarub’s Co-Founder. It has a unique flavor that combines sweetness and smokiness, with a little heat. Families love it because it’s not too spicy and have used it on everything from beef, chicken, pork, and fish to side dishes like Mac-N-Cheese, potatoes, and vegetables.”

To help accelerate growth, the company has also partnered with the Home Shopping Marketplace and will be airing a nationwide commercial from November 30th thru December 18th.

For more information on distribution opportunities, please submit an inquiry via the company’s website at https://wannarub.com/contact-us/

About WannaRub

WannaRub, is a spice rub and seasoning company headquartered in Collegeville, Pennsylvania which was founded in 2018 by Eric Strohl, a former Navy rescue swimmer, who served in the Persian Gulf during Operation Desert Storm and in Somalia during Operation Restore Hope. WannaRub is made with only the finest ingredients, is all-natural, gluten free, low in sodium, and contains no additives, preservatives, MSG or GMOs. For more information or to place an order visit WannaRub.com.

Josh PowersPhilly-based spice company accelerates growth plan