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Great Product, shipping charges are ridiculous! Costs almost as much as my order.
Response from the owner: Sorry Mike the rates are direct from USPS. I get it but our distribution has moved from Texas to the East Coast and is zone based. We will work to see what can be done to reduce those costs. Appreciate your business!
My favorite rub of any available. Really delicious and not salty!!! Great job
Response from the owner: Thanks George love to hear that!
To be very honest..I get a bunch of spice/seasoning posts on my FB page. WannaRub is the only one that I have reordered. Its just that good and not overpowering!!
Response from the owner: Thanks Dennis!
Response from the owner: Thank you
Without a doubt, one of the most versatile spice blends I've ever used. It's the same rub, but makes every style of meat take on a new flavor. Hard to explain, but it just plain works!
Response from the owner: Love it David so true…The Perfect Condiment For All Your Food! Thank you!
Made a batch of the Comeback Crackers & the Spicy Philly Cheese spread. They were such a hit the entire batch is gone & I need to make more. Also bought more Wanna Rub to send to my brother in Hawaii. Putting it on chicken tonight for the grill. Love this stuff!
Response from the owner: Thank you Liza!
Met them at the Phoenixville food truck festival. I bought 2 bottles of rub at a great price. I've tried the rub on eggs and beef and it's incredible! It has such a great balance of flavors. A little sweet with some smoky flavor along with a little spice from the pepper and other seasonings. The rub will go great on any type of meat. Can't wait to try it on some ribs and maybe some smoked duck. Great company to do business with and I will definitely be ordering some more rub!
Response from the owner: Thanks, DJ it was nice meeting you as well. Appreciate your review and your business.
Response from the owner: Thank you!
Big heads up, if you write a negative review they will ban you from their site, so all the wonderful reviews you read are simply Cherry picked. I have no idea how many poor reviews they have, but if this is their way of conducting business you can extrapolate that their product is just about as suspect. This is only my opinion
Response from the owner: Interesting James as your first review on 8/24/21 was "First time user of this product and it is an absolute home run cupboard pleasing rub or spice..." which was then since edited from our email discussion on 9/15 where again you state our rubs are fantastic BUT you don't like one of our our marketing slogans "I Always WannaRub My Meat" and asked us to change our labels and marketing. When we did not, you changed your review to be negative. You or anyone else cannot impose your will on our brand or attempt to make us change what we have worked hard to build. There are plenty of other choices out there so find one that suits your beliefs and adheres to your core values. And no James you were banned because you lied.
Based on a recommendation from a friend, I ordered WannaRub Original. When the package arrived it had been opened and was empty.I called WannaRub and left a voice mail explaining the issue and within 10 minutes received a return call. Long story short, another package with replacement rub arrived in less than a week. It’s everything my friend said it was. Delicious!WannaRub is a rare company that combines a terrific product with exceptional customer service. I recommend them without reservation.
Response from the owner: Thanks George, appreciate your review.
My buddy sent me a bottle of the original....tried it and loved it...so...ordered another bottle. Great rub and Vet friendly!
Response from the owner: Thanks Rick!
This is a great American owned company,my order was shipped out when they received it. This is a great gift for my son-in-law that loves to cook.
Response from the owner: Thanks Donna!
I first purchased WannaRub back in 2019, directly from Eric at the Cape May, NJ Oktoberfest. Ever since, I've tried it on most everything and it never disappoints! I especially love it on baby back ribs before I put them on the grill. Highly recommended!
Response from the owner: I hear you and agree. Thanks for the review!
My experience with WannaRub has been excellent. Fast shipping with the best taste of dry rub in the Business. Keep knocking it out of the park WannaRub.
Response from the owner: Thanks Jeremy, appreciate you!
Ordered it because of the ad campaign with the impersonator. Re-ordered it because we like the flavor and put it on everything from grilled veggies to ribs to turkey and burgers. Awesome spice!
Response from the owner: Thank you!
Response from the owner: Thanks Michelle!
My first order never came ?? I received an email stating that it was delivered so I went to my mail box and there was nothing there ?? So I wanted to try your product so I ordered it again and this time all went well ! I really like WannaRub it gives just the right flavor!!
Response from the owner: Hi David, sorry to hear about your shipping experience. Our system shows both orders were delivered by the USPS, the first on April 24th and the 2nd on May 1st. Did you file a claim with USPS on the 1st order? Please call us at 833-926-2782 to discuss in more detail. Thank You - WannaRub!
Just got this a week ago and have used it on burgers chicken potatoes veggies and in soup. I love it !! Everyone that has tasted it likes it too. I will be a great customer for a long long time. Thanks guys for making this stuff. And to think summer is almost here lol !!A WohlerMichigan
Response from the owner: Awesome
I ordered the wanna rub and never got it !
Response from the owner: After calling you to discuss it appears that you never placed an order with us. We do not have an order or payment in our system. Please kindly remove your review as it is not accurate.
Man oh man does this make the best burgers!
Response from the owner: Thanks Jack, it sure does! - WR
I have purchased several times. I put this on chicken, pork, potatoes, and most recently in deviled eggs. Absolutely amazing!! The flavor is great and brings everything together! I'll keep buying.
Response from the owner: Thanks Jason!
I made a rotisserie chicken, using Wannarub, and it was a winner-winner chicken dinner, on my table that night. Everyone loved it! ♥️😁♥️ Thank you Wannarub!
Response from the owner: Thanks Linda. Your chicken post on IG was awesome!
Bought the item over the internet. Has just a little "extra" brown sugar in it. I use it for a rub on ribs. Comes out great.
Response from the owner: Thanks Russell. We use cane sugar by the way.
Really enjoy wannaRub spice on all meat especially pork but would love to see them add some heat and smokeyness along with a sweet heat to their rub line very good product I even put it on my baked potato popcorn and grilled veggies try it you'll love it
Response from the owner: Appreciate the feedback Terry and thanks for the review. We had few comments about adding more heat but only from 2-3% of customers. Had to justify another blend but we will take it under consideration after we release our bold beef blend in March.
I ordered 2 bottles of WannaRub.I tried it on my barbecue chicken first it was fantastic.Then I tried it on a roast in our insta-pot.I made French dip sandwiches using the broth for dipping them in.My granddaughter told me it was the best sandwich she ever had and sent her home with leftovers.I believe I will be ordering more after I use the 2 bottles I have now
Response from the owner: Thanks Danny!
Great taste for any bbq or smoked meat.
Response from the owner: Thank You!
This stuff is awesome! A well rounded BBQ rub that I use on a wide variety of meats and even veggies. Absolutely amazing on ribs, pork, and chicken. I can't recommend this enough!
Response from the owner: Thanks Cory
Response from the owner: Thanks Louie!
If your looking to liven up your food and I mean what ever it is your cooking grilling this is it. Nothing better.
Response from the owner: Thank You!
Excellent Rub! Works well on many kinds of meat. Looking forward to having ribs and brisket soon with it! Smells amazing! Trying to use it on as many things as we can, even as seasoning!
Response from the owner: Thanks Gina
Husband loves the rub used on everything
Response from the owner: Thanks Dawn
Wanna Rub is some of best I have used in years. I used on almost everything I grill. Just ran out and need to buy more soon.
Response from the owner: Thanks Jeff. Check your email for our returning customer coupon code and save 15%.
Response from the owner: Thanks Mike appreciate it!
I've used many rubs over the years but none compare to WannaRub!! You can use it for a rub or just as a spice, it is something that every kitchen should have!! I use it on everything from chicken, pork, steaks and also use it with my eggs and many other meals..
Response from the owner: Thanks Toby
This rub is everything that it says it is. Awesome taste, nice and sweet. This rub can be put on anything. Every spice cabinet should have it in there. Great stuff.
Response from the owner: Thanks Brian
Great all around rub. I have used it on pork, chicken and French fries. Give it a try. I promise you will love it.
Response from the owner: Thanks Tim
This has been one of my favorite spices of all I have purchased. Very consistent and great flavor on everything from pork, fish, beef and vegetables. You can not go wrong with this product!
Response from the owner: Thanks Heath
We use WannaRub seasoning regularly on meats, potatoes and some veggies. Love it!!
Response from the owner: Thanks Suzy
Response from the owner: Thank You!
This rub is the best ever. Its all I use. Use it on ribs and Boston butts. Little sweet, little spicy. Oh so good. Will always have some in my pantry. Keep up the good work!
Response from the owner: Thanks Rodney
I was so happy to of tried Wannarub. This seasoning is excellent on my beef cuts of meat and chicken. Never going back to my old spices. This wannarub is very tasty. Gave my meats a very delicious, mouth-watering flavor. Go give it a try. You be disappointed!
Response from the owner: Thank you!
Used on pork, beef, chicken, and vegies this past month, great on all. Cant go wrong with it
Response from the owner: Thank You!
I've used WannaRub on so many dishes thus far.Things I've used this on:3-2-1 RibsReverse seared (smoked) steaks24 pound pork shoulder, smoked low and slow (225 degrees for 14.5 hours).South Carolina Pulled Ham PorkSmoked wingsSmoked salmonSmoked macaroni and cheeseBeef short ribs. SmokedStreet tacos marinated for 48 hoursSeared salmon and AlfredoThe list goes on. Great product, great people, and great service.
Response from the owner: Thanks Gary
Great company with great products!!
Response from the owner: Thanks!
It's a great deal but I expected something more. The rub taste great but when you cook with it the taste fades away. Beautiful color but not much flavor. Tried ittwice on the grill and then the smoker and I am sorry to say that it was not what I expected.
Response from the owner: Sorry Tony not the typical response but appreciate you giving it a try. I’d recommend putting more on after the cook as well for added flavor.
WannaRub is a fantastic mix of sweet and spicy. It was a hit with the family on both chicken and ribs. Even the grandkids liked it!!! Will definitely be reordering. Highly recommend.
Response from the owner: Thanks Frank!
I have used WannaRub on two different meats and I couldn't be happier. Very nice flavor. My new favorite rub.
Response from the owner: Thanks Steve!
Wannarub is the best meat rub I have ever tasted, it does meat justice. Remember this meat freaks, no matter what you do, you always Wannarub your meat and don't be afraid to let other people see!!!
Response from the owner: Thanks Randy!
Response from the owner: Thank You!

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