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OFFICIAL LAUNCH: WannaRub Releases Hilarious Commercial with Celebrity Impressions, Posts Job Opening

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Wannarub, a veteran-owned spice rub and seasoning company announced their official launch Wednesday with a job opening and a hilarious video featuring the voices of Morgan Freeman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Matthew McConaughey, Donald Trump, Jeff Goldblum and Robert DeNiro performed by actor and comedian Josh Robert Thompson.

As part of the launch campaign, the company is looking to hire one person in the U.S. to have Thompson follow them around and narrate their life for one day while he impersonates Morgan Freeman. The one-day job will require the individual to try WannaRub on various foods and be featured in a promotional video while having fun. The person who is selected will also receive $1,000 in compensation and a year’s supply of WannaRub.

“This is a perfect opportunity for someone to jump in and experience our brand and see how it aligns with our mission, which is to create a brand that everyone can connect to and have fun with,” said Eric Strohl, RubMaster and Founder of WannaRub. “Many businesses and people are obsessed with social media influencers and who have the most likes, but we’re a simple, middle-class American brand, so rather than paying some Instagram model a stack of money to try and get eyeballs, we are opting to pay a deserving person to brighten their day.”

Thompson, who gained notoriety and fame for his performance as Geoff Peterson the robot for eight years on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, is currently doing voiceover-work on FOX’s hit cartoon TV Show, Family Guy, for his eighth season on the show.

According to the company’s website, WannaRub, The Perfect Condiment For All Your Food, can be used as a dry rub for beef, chicken, pork and fish, or also as a seasoning on pasta, potatoes, veggies, or any side dish. WannaRub is made in the USA and contains no additives, preservatives, MSG, GMO’s and is gluten free. The proprietary blend features cane sugar, smoked Spanish paprika, pink Himalayan salt, fresh ground pepper, granulated garlic, granulated onion, dried chiles, and other herbs and spices.

Since the company’s soft launch in early March, WannaRub has adopted many early fans based on reviews and visitor posts to their Facebook page. “The interaction with our customers so far has been awesome,” said Strohl. “We get messages every day from people all across the country letting us know they love WannaRub. It’s all about the customer experience and everyday people showing off the food they have made using WannaRub – not perfect pictures of photoshopped food. We are excited to finally showcase WannaRub with our national launch.”

Those interested in purchasing the product or applying for the job should visit WannaRub.com.

About WannaRub

WannaRub, headquartered in Collegeville, Pennsylvania, is a spice rub and seasoning company, which was founded in 2018 by Eric Strohl, a former Navy rescue swimmer, who served in the Persian Gulf during Operation Desert Storm and in Somalia during Operation Restore Hope. While on a family vacation in 2008, Strohl’s mother Anne concocted the initial recipe of WannaRub, which the entire family and many friends since have enjoyed. After eight more years of experimentation, WannaRub – The Original Blend was developed and perfected. For more information or to place an order visit WannaRub.com.

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Josh PowersOFFICIAL LAUNCH: WannaRub Releases Hilarious Commercial with Celebrity Impressions, Posts Job Opening