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My favorite rub of any available. Really delicious and not salty!!! Great job
George SlappeyGeorge Slappey
George Slappey
To be very honest..I get a bunch of spice/seasoning posts on my FB page. WannaRub is the only one that I have reordered. Its just that good and not overpowering!!
Dennis BlackmoreDennis Blackmore
Dennis Blackmore
So excited to find the perfect blends of dry rubs and BBQ sauce!!! So delicious, and I am PICKY!! I ordered the combo pack and it shipped quickly and packaged so nothing would break. We used the Bold Beef on flank steak on the traeger, out of this... world flavor! The original rub with the bbq sauce was sooo good for grilling chicken!! We found our go-to to kick up our grilling game with WannaRub!!read more
Barb CanavanBarb Canavan
Barb Canavan
Bianca McKennaBianca McKenna
Bianca McKenna
Without a doubt, one of the most versatile spice blends I've ever used. It's the same rub, but makes every style of meat take on a new flavor. Hard to explain, but it just plain works!
David EdneyDavid Edney
David Edney
Made a batch of the Comeback Crackers & the Spicy Philly Cheese spread. They were such a hit the entire batch is gone & I need to make more. Also bought more Wanna Rub to send to my brother in Hawaii. Putting it on chicken tonight for the grill.... Love this stuff!read more
Liza ErvinLiza Ervin
Liza Ervin
Met them at the Phoenixville food truck festival. I bought 2 bottles of rub at a great price. I've tried the rub on eggs and beef and it's incredible! It has such a great balance of flavors. A little sweet with some smoky flavor along with a little... spice from the pepper and other seasonings. The rub will go great on any type of meat. Can't wait to try it on some ribs and maybe some smoked duck. Great company to do business with and I will definitely be ordering some more rub!read more
DJ BrumfieldDJ Brumfield
DJ Brumfield
Terrance HanktonTerrance Hankton
Terrance Hankton
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Mailafiya Yayan UmarMailafiya Yayan Umar
Mailafiya Yayan Umar
Based on a recommendation from a friend, I ordered WannaRub Original. When the package arrived it had been opened and was empty.I called WannaRub and left a voice mail explaining the issue and within 10 minutes received a return call. Long story... short, another package with replacement rub arrived in less than a week. It’s everything my friend said it was. Delicious!WannaRub is a rare company that combines a terrific product with exceptional customer service. I recommend them without more
George GouldGeorge Gould
George Gould
My buddy sent me a bottle of the original....tried it and loved another bottle. Great rub and Vet friendly!
Rick DenneyRick Denney
Rick Denney
I wanna give a shout out to the the folks at “WannaRub” Spices. I bought the combo pack (the Original & Bold Beef Blend) and I have to say the blends of spices are amazing to cook with. And you won’t need anything else as they have it all in there... for you. I have cooked steaks, Boston Butt, Pork Chops, Chicken, Ribs, (can’t afford Brisket 🙄😡) Ribs etc; and the taste is awesome, so check them out at WannaRub.Com they’re very reasonable and delicious 👍😋😋read more
Jim StephensJim Stephens
Jim Stephens
This is a great American owned company,my order was shipped out when they received it. This is a great gift for my son-in-law that loves to cook.
Donna PedersenDonna Pedersen
Donna Pedersen
I first purchased WannaRub back in 2019, directly from Eric at the Cape May, NJ Oktoberfest. Ever since, I've tried it on most everything and it never disappoints! I especially love it on baby back ribs before I put them on the grill. Highly... recommended!read more
Jeff FieldingJeff Fielding
Jeff Fielding
My experience with WannaRub has been excellent. Fast shipping with the best taste of dry rub in the Business. Keep knocking it out of the park WannaRub.
Jeremy ParrettJeremy Parrett
Jeremy Parrett
Ordered it because of the ad campaign with the impersonator. Re-ordered it because we like the flavor and put it on everything from grilled veggies to ribs to turkey and burgers. Awesome spice!
Cathy PennettCathy Pennett
Cathy Pennett
Michelle JeffriesMichelle Jeffries
Michelle Jeffries
Just got this a week ago and have used it on burgers chicken potatoes veggies and in soup. I love it !! Everyone that has tasted it likes it too. I will be a great customer for a long long time. Thanks guys for making this stuff. And to think summer... is almost here lol !!A WohlerMichiganread more
Alan WohlerAlan Wohler
Alan Wohler
Man oh man does this make the best burgers!
Jack LentzJack Lentz
Jack Lentz
I have purchased several times. I put this on chicken, pork, potatoes, and most recently in deviled eggs. Absolutely amazing!! The flavor is great and brings everything together! I'll keep buying.
Jason SamideJason Samide
Jason Samide
Just tried my first go around with Wanna Rub on my chicken. Or Lordy. Just the perfect amount of all seasonings. What I love also, is the flavor stays on meal through leftovers. Day 3 and loving it. Ya gotta try this one 'Fo' Sho
MJ HendersonMJ Henderson
MJ Henderson
This is one fantastic spice blend. Keep up the good work guys!
Jerry Schafer IIIJerry Schafer III
Jerry Schafer III
I’ve bee using WannaRub for a year now in my smoker with great results. The ONLY rub I use. The cold weather has kept me inside but the Rubbin goes on! Today this old retired CPO made jerky in the dehydrator. Eye of round sprinkled with WannaRub and... rested overnight. 6 hours in the dehydrator and OMG! So tasty. Thanks WannaRub for an outstanding more
Bob RhodesBob Rhodes
Bob Rhodes
I made a rotisserie chicken, using Wannarub, and it was a winner-winner chicken dinner, on my table that night. Everyone loved it! ♥️😁♥️ Thank you Wannarub!
Linda TreadwellLinda Treadwell
Linda Treadwell
This is a must have product! amazing flavor and well your main dish grilled or smoked come out with a bang. easy ordering and got here fast. I bought enough to send to most of my BBQ ing family across the nation. Its that gewd.
Aaron FluckerAaron Flucker
Aaron Flucker
Bought the item over the internet. Has just a little "extra" brown sugar in it. I use it for a rub on ribs. Comes out great.
Russell EhlerRussell Ehler
Russell Ehler
Wanna rub is just as advertised.
It's great on everything!
Bill McDonaldBill McDonald
Bill McDonald
just got mine. Can't wait to try it out this weekend!
Rodney GuerinRodney Guerin
Rodney Guerin
I ordered 2 bottles of WannaRub.I tried it on my barbecue chicken first it was fantastic.Then I tried it on a roast in our insta-pot.I made French dip sandwiches using the broth for dipping them in.My granddaughter told me it was the best sandwich... she ever had and sent her home with leftovers.I believe I will be ordering more after I use the 2 bottles I have nowread more
Danny WalkerDanny Walker
Danny Walker
Great taste for any bbq or smoked meat.
This stuff is awesome! A well rounded BBQ rub that I use on a wide variety of meats and even veggies. Absolutely amazing on ribs, pork, and chicken. I can't recommend this enough!
Cory CarlsonCory Carlson
Cory Carlson
Makes the meat---REAL meaty taste!
Michael Mike WoolseyMichael Mike Woolsey
Michael Mike Woolsey
originally bought it for the commercial. It has become my favorite rub! willl definitely be buying more
David ClouseDavid Clouse
David Clouse
My favorite gift for Christmas was my wannaRub 5 pack. It was more Than I expected ! I woke up the day after receiving it with a craving for it. My wife teases me because I put it on just about everything. My daughter and I do a lot of smoking (... meat ) lol and am ancious to try it on my ribs ,butts and brisket. Hellava good product . Thanks folks !read more
Vernon WiseVernon Wise
Vernon Wise
I use wannarub all-over it starts to relieve my joint pain in minutes. Do you have foot pain? I put a couple shakes inside my socks for an invigorating feel, it works on my callouses too. Is your member not tender? Well whattya think I use to tender... my member, the misses hasn't given me this amount of attention since we were first dating... it was the "Senior Bbq."
Are you experiencing hair loss?.
read more
Steve MonacoSteve Monaco
Steve Monaco
Awesome product! The brisket, poppers, and ribs turned out awesome!!!
Brandon BordenBrandon Borden
Brandon Borden
Louie CisnerosLouie Cisneros
Louie Cisneros
The product is really great on all foods including vegetables. Thank you for the wonderful product.
Tufa MoliaTufa Molia
Tufa Molia
Just an amazing product. I use it on so many different meats. Never overpowers..always intensifies the natural flavor of beef, pork and chicken. Eric is so terrific to work with. Incredible customer service experience. Thank you!
Greg SchultzGreg Schultz
Greg Schultz
Is the is the best I try it today for the first time on T-Bone Stake and the flavor is Fantastic
Ricardo MoreiraRicardo Moreira
Ricardo Moreira
I found WannaRub at our local hardware store and the cashier highly recommended them. I was really pleased with the rub! It’s kinda sweet, savory, with just a small hint of kick. You can tell it’s really well made.
Andy WojnarekAndy Wojnarek
Andy Wojnarek
If your looking to liven up your food and I mean what ever it is your cooking grilling this is it. Nothing better.
JD ShawJD Shaw
JD Shaw
Excellent Rub! Works well on many kinds of meat. Looking forward to having ribs and brisket soon with it! Smells amazing! Trying to use it on as many things as we can, even as seasoning!
Gina ThomsenGina Thomsen
Gina Thomsen
Excellent product. Unique and looking forward to many upcoming chances to use WannaRub!
Gina Frease ThomsenGina Frease Thomsen
Gina Frease Thomsen
We used to make our own and lost the recipe, tried wannarub and love it
Dawn RoganDawn Rogan
Dawn Rogan
Husband loves the rub used on everything
Dawn RoganDawn Rogan
Dawn Rogan
Wanna Rub is some of best I have used in years. I used on almost everything I grill. Just ran out and need to buy more soon.
Jeffery AlexanderJeffery Alexander
Jeffery Alexander
I use it on everything best around
Robert ByrdRobert Byrd
Robert Byrd
Michael MurrayMichael Murray
Michael Murray
Tried it on chicken soon as I got it. Great stuff! Going to do ribs this weekend. Can’t wait.
Jeff ClaryJeff Clary
Jeff Clary
Excellent taste. Just the right amount of sweet and spice. I like spicey and my girlfriend don’t. We both like WannaRub.
Chris LindbergChris Lindberg
Chris Lindberg
Absolutely awesome rub! I've used it on beef pork and chicken then it always tastes great! I will definitely be purchasing more.
David CarpenterDavid Carpenter
David Carpenter
Great flavor, and makes a real nice bark. Great on ribs and pork butt. Can't wait to try it on other stuff. Oh so good WannaRub!
Frank PearmanFrank Pearman
Frank Pearman
OK look, being a retired Navy CWO4, I am all about supporting veteran owned businesses. I have now ordered Wannarub twice! It is the ONLY seasoning we will use on Baby Back ribs and chicken! Great smokey flavor! Bought some for my Son=in=Law as... well!read more
Stephen KlasingStephen Klasing
Stephen Klasing
This is a great product. We have tried it on Pork Butt and Chicken so far and look forward to using it Baby Back Ribs. The flavor is great.
Jimmy TaylorJimmy Taylor
Jimmy Taylor
I don't always rub my meat but when I do I use WannaRub. We use WannaRub on a variety of meats and always enjoy.
Ryan WillauerRyan Willauer
Ryan Willauer
I've used many rubs over the years but none compare to WannaRub!! You can use it for a rub or just as a spice, it is something that every kitchen should have!! I use it on everything from chicken, pork, steaks and also use it with my eggs and many... other more
toby wisetoby wise
toby wise
the flavor is wonderful great on steaks
Carlos JacksonCarlos Jackson
Carlos Jackson
This rub is everything that it says it is. Awesome taste, nice and sweet. This rub can be put on anything. Every spice cabinet should have it in there. Great stuff.
Brian GouletBrian Goulet
Brian Goulet
I have several friends that smoke all kind of meat ,I let them try my Wanna rub and now they are converted to it. best rub that I have found!!
Mark BushieMark Bushie
Mark Bushie
Great all around rub. I have used it on pork, chicken and French fries. Give it a try. I promise you will love it.
Tim SprouseTim Sprouse
Tim Sprouse
This has been one of my favorite spices of all I have purchased. Very consistent and great flavor on everything from pork, fish, beef and vegetables. You can not go wrong with this product!
Heath HauserHeath Hauser
Heath Hauser
This Rub is one of the best I have used and just about anything that I put is my smoker. I have experimented with making my own but I can't bet this rub
Robert PelkeyRobert Pelkey
Robert Pelkey
We use WannaRub seasoning regularly on meats, potatoes and some veggies. Love it!!
Suzy FurrSuzy Furr
Suzy Furr
have ordered this product numerous times. it is great on any style meat, fish, pork, or veggies. i even got my family ordering wanna rub also
Mark RodgersMark Rodgers
Mark Rodgers
Who doesn't WannaRub their meat? Don't keep making bland meals and sub-par meats. Go grab some versatility with this amazing rub!! Creates wonderful flavor on a wide variety of foods and a beautiful bark on those long cooks!! Don't be a stranger... and see if your friends WannaRub at your next cookout!!read more
Ryan ElvinRyan Elvin
Ryan Elvin
Donald HughesDonald Hughes
Donald Hughes
This rub is the best ever. Its all I use. Use it on ribs and Boston butts. Little sweet, little spicy. Oh so good. Will always have some in my pantry. Keep up the good work!
Rodney HomanRodney Homan
Rodney Homan
I was so happy to of tried Wannarub. This seasoning is excellent on my beef cuts of meat and chicken. Never going back to my old spices. This wannarub is very tasty. Gave my meats a very delicious, mouth-watering flavor. Go give it a try. You be... disappointed!read more
Estella OsorioEstella Osorio
Estella Osorio
This rub is so versatile! I have used it on chicken and steak and it was delicious, bot overpowering like other rubs I have tried. Will be getting more!
Laurie GibsonLaurie Gibson
Laurie Gibson
Really impressed with the various meat this works with. chicken is my favorite!
Mike NealMike Neal
Mike Neal
Used on pork, beef, chicken, and vegies this past month, great on all. Cant go wrong with it
Chuck LuekenChuck Lueken
Chuck Lueken
I've used WannaRub on so many dishes thus far.Things I've used this on:3-2-1 RibsReverse seared (smoked) steaks24 pound pork shoulder, smoked low and slow (225 degrees for 14.5 hours).South Carolina Pulled Ham PorkSmoked wingsSmoked... salmonSmoked macaroni and cheeseBeef short ribs. SmokedStreet tacos marinated for 48 hoursSeared salmon and AlfredoThe list goes on. Great product, great people, and great more
Garry HodgesGarry Hodges
Garry Hodges
Great company with great products!!
Robert PhillipsRobert Phillips
Robert Phillips
WannaRub is a fantastic mix of sweet and spicy. It was a hit with the family on both chicken and ribs. Even the grandkids liked it!!! Will definitely be reordering. Highly recommend.
Frank TovornikFrank Tovornik
Frank Tovornik
Purchased my pellet grill and have been amazed by its ease of use. I sent for 3 containers of WannaRub before the grill arrived. To date I have prepared two meals using the Rub. 1st were two racks of baby back ribs. They were beyond belief. 2nd... were salmon done on cedar plank and gain with WannaRub, they were excellent. I can't imagine using any other Rub. Thank you WannaRub for wonderful experiences. I look forward to many more more
George BrosiusGeorge Brosius
George Brosius
I have used WannaRub on two different meats and I couldn't be happier. Very nice flavor. My new favorite rub.
Steve HendricksonSteve Hendrickson
Steve Hendrickson
Honestly, I don't often by blends as I prefer to blend my own. But these guys' Epic commercial sold me. This is by far the best blend I've ever tasted, with just the right balance of sweet to savory to heat, just enough to let you know it's there... without melting your teeth.
Great job, guys! I'm sure I'll be ordering frequently.
read more
Tim PreuschTim Preusch
Tim Preusch
Wannarub is the best meat rub I have ever tasted, it does meat justice. Remember this meat freaks, no matter what you do, you always Wannarub your meat and don't be afraid to let other people see!!!
Randy SuttonRandy Sutton
Randy Sutton
Dean WilliamsDean Williams
Dean Williams
Great rub we will be reordering as necessary. Thank you
Merlin OstranderMerlin Ostrander
Merlin Ostrander
Works very nice with all types of food. Great flavor thats stays on and works in the meat. Love it
Kevin TuthillKevin Tuthill
Kevin Tuthill
Great rub at a great price! Wonderful flavor. Made a pulled pork and it came out fantastic! Highly recommended!
Mike MerwinMike Merwin
Mike Merwin
Fantastic rub, great flavor with some kick! Made a pulled pork and it was delicious!
Crazy Mike's Beef JerkyCrazy Mike's Beef Jerky
Crazy Mike's Beef Jerky
Willie MartinWillie Martin
Willie Martin
Great versatile rub, leaves a good deep color and has amazing flavor. Good balance, or too sweet and not too salty. It will definitely be my go to from here on out. I’m glad I made this purchase from a US Veteran Owned small company.
Benjamin ValenzuelaBenjamin Valenzuela
Benjamin Valenzuela
The same day I received my order I used it on some drumsticks on my grill. Boy was I impressed with it. The flavor was amazing, and when my wife gave the thumbs up you know that it’s gotta be good. I’ll definitely be buying more when needed
Jeffery CravalhoJeffery Cravalho
Jeffery Cravalho
Great stuff put it on a beef tender loin smoke it everyone love it
Scott MobleyScott Mobley
Scott Mobley
I love the WannaRub. It’s mixed perfectly with the right ingredients. It also comes in a bottle that’s larger than you buy in the store so you’re getting more for your money 💰I use it on just about everything. Thanks WannaRub 🙏
Brian SherwoodBrian Sherwood
Brian Sherwood
Great flavor from wannarub. Delivery was unbelievably quick.
Larry SmithLarry Smith
Larry Smith
Jeff CollinsJeff Collins
Jeff Collins
Tom CrowellTom Crowell
Tom Crowell
Some of the best rub I have used.have been grilling for over thirty years.also great as a shack on seasoning also
grant phillipsgrant phillips
grant phillips
I used it for the first time on burgers and beef jerky this weekend its fantastic just ordered more today this is thee best rub for everything
terrance gillenterrance gillen
terrance gillen
Put it on everything. Best thing no salt
The taste is amazing
Ben RodgersBen Rodgers
Ben Rodgers
Absolutely love this product! I met WannaRub at the Phoenixville food truck festival last year, bought some rub and been using it ever since. I do a ton of smoking, and this is perfect on just about everything we've tried with it so far. Thanks for... an amazing product, and taste!read more
Andrew J HanlonAndrew J Hanlon
Andrew J Hanlon
I’m gonna tell ya what I think about this product. It is amazing. Nothing like it on the market. Highly recommended by myself and every one of my family and friends I have cooked for. Great for anything. Well,maybe not cereal, lol but anything else.... Especially gives your meat a blend for zest and excitement on your taste buds. You will not be disappointed. Don’t let the other guys fool you into thinking they got the best. That spot is already taken by more
Chuck McGraw Jr.Chuck McGraw Jr.
Chuck McGraw Jr.
Yum. Good stuff ! Baby back ribs today ! Used your recipient except For wrapping in foil I add a half a can of Coca-Cola
Warren John CrooksWarren John Crooks
Warren John Crooks
I love it it brings the food to life by being a retired vet I will support and buy again
Vell TrannonVell Trannon
Vell Trannon
James A Newkirk SrJames A Newkirk Sr
James A Newkirk Sr
I'm always looking for an awesome rub to enhance my Weber grilling experience and I believe I've found it. The Original WannaRub Blend has been a great enhancement to my grilled steaks and chicken so far, looking forward to trying it on pork and... fish in the near future. I really appreciate that I can understand the all natural ingredients that make up this blend with no 8 syllable chemistry set verbiage. If you haven't tried it, you owe it to yourself to do more
Scott McMillenScott McMillen
Scott McMillen
I was hesitant to try this spice/rub....but since it came, it’s now my number one go to seasoning. The pepper blend in it is quite a nice change from other seasons. I’m going to use this on almost everything.
Ed WilliamsEd Williams
Ed Williams
great flavor on all meats. I have lot of other brands but wanna rub my number 1 now..yummy
Tim LigneyTim Ligney
Tim Ligney
Great rub, Flavor was spot on what it should be. A little heat with some sweet. Will be using & buying again. 5 stars !!!
Dave BlodgettDave Blodgett
Dave Blodgett
I tried many other Rubs. But WannaRub is the best I used. Great product. Thank you for your service and keep us safe. God bless are service men and women.
Steven NickischSteven Nickisch
Steven Nickisch
I ordered this rub it came in timely ad stated. I had the opportunity to use it within 2 days of receiving it and found it to be the best rub I have ever tried. I have even used it in some of my soups and Adds tremendous flavor.
Dave TownsendDave Townsend
Dave Townsend
Used it on pork chops. excellent as a rub or shaken on. Very flavorful.
Vincent RizzaVincent Rizza
Vincent Rizza
I used wannarub on some thick pork loin steaks .used a z grill pellet smoker with mesquite pellets .the pork tasted had a nice thin crust of flavor.wife loved it so thats what counts😀good stuff guys!!
George RushGeorge Rush
George Rush
This is how I throw down with some WannaRub and fresh white tail deer stew. #ponderosakitchen #makesallcookingandgrillingbetter #vetowned #goNavy
Jarrod PonderJarrod Ponder
Jarrod Ponder
I have been "Smokin' Meat" for many years and have bought National Store Brand Rubs until now... My first order of WannaRub has won me over... All Natural and Robust Flavor, but not overpowering... I have used it on Steaks and Stews and plan to use... it on my Beef Jerky this weekend..... Great Product and Service.... You have a New Customer in me!!!!read more
JP MockJP Mock
JP Mock
This is delicious! I used it on pork steak and beef steak so far. It is my new favorite rub/seasoning. Sometimes I just put some in a spoon and snack on it. Great job! It will always be in my cabinet.
Richard MattRichard Matt
Richard Matt
This is by far my go to rub! Works on steak, chicken, shrimp, turkey, and potatoes. Very well priced. I have purchased two already and need to order more.

I did my Thanksgiving turkey with this and deep fried was a HUGE hit.

Buy many... and buy often! Because when it’s in your house you Wanna Rub!read more
Jason SamideJason Samide
Jason Samide
I'm picky about the rub I use and I loved this rub, a must try
Brian SouthBrian South
Brian South
Definitely recommend, low
in sodium too! I use just like salt!
Dwayne P NoyesDwayne P Noyes
Dwayne P Noyes
David MackDavid Mack
David Mack
WannaRub is a home run. It brought out the taste on both my fish and rib meals. As a wellness professional, I am impressed with the natural ingredients and low sodium. I highly recommend it - two thumbs up 👍👍🇺🇸FCC... od Bless America. Veterans, Police Officers and Firefighters- thank you for your service. BeWellread more
Joe Van ThuyneJoe Van Thuyne
Joe Van Thuyne
WannaRub is an excellent meat rub and I just can't stop making the be-back crackers using their rub mix. They are outrageously delicious.
Randi KremerRandi Kremer
Randi Kremer
I have started putting WannaRub on just about everything I cook it adds excellent flavor to everything I sprinkle it on. It has lived up to its hype that does not happen very often these days. Excellent product.
Ron AndersonRon Anderson
Ron Anderson
I haven't used it as a rub yet,but have seasoned different foods and it's tastes awesome.thanks
David UlrichDavid Ulrich
David Ulrich
Fantastic just did a roasted turkey breast, great flavor. Sliced the meat for lunchmeat. I like adding it my sautéed vegetables, adds great flavor. A must for the spice cabinet.
Richard CartyRichard Carty
Richard Carty
I’ve been cooking/smoking a long time. As you know making your own run can be expensive. This rub is priced right and it’s very tasty. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed. I highly recommend it.
I’m now a couple months in to using this... rub. I have people ask me all the time where they can get it. You won’t be sorry giving this a shot. I’m just a regular guy that loves to cook/smoke food. I have no stake in this more
Michael HusseyMichael Hussey
Michael Hussey
Steven NickischSteven Nickisch
Steven Nickisch
Alice CooseAlice Coose
Alice Coose
Len GamboaLen Gamboa
Len Gamboa
This stuff is delicious on everything
Danny NewtonDanny Newton
Danny Newton
I cook a lot of events and cater. This is a great rub and can add to about anything. Nice smokey flavor. Great addition to the arsenal
Michael MckinneyMichael Mckinney
Michael Mckinney
Outstanding taste on my chicken and veggies!
Stephen BlackwellStephen Blackwell
Stephen Blackwell
ecstasy nirvana euphoria
Douglas LoweDouglas Lowe
Douglas Lowe
I like it better than any rub out there
Donald SchreiberDonald Schreiber
Donald Schreiber
I have to tell you, we raise natural beef. We have used various seasonings/rubs and they have been “ok” That being said, I bought your product for my husband because he’s been using the smoker quite a bit lately. He told me, and I quote, with those... rubs “you hit it out of the goddamn park“!! They are putting this on everything in this house. Potatoes, vegetables, rice, meat, literally everything and anything it get sprinkled on LOL We generally just use salt and pepper on our steak. Not anymore!
This stuff is AMAZING. Great job!! Folks, you can buy it without smelling it or tasting it and KNOW it will blow you away. Food products are a hard sell without trying it, they are very much dependent on reviews. Take it from a cattle farming family: you’ll toss all your other seasonings out. 🇺🇸 God bless the USA
read more
Randa HigginsRanda Higgins
Randa Higgins
Had the honor of chatting up the owner at Exeter Fall Fest about our military backgrounds. I am blown away at the amazing flavor this rub gives to my food! Will always have 2 bottles in hand! Semper Fi:::Veteran Owned and Operated!
Michael KauffmanMichael Kauffman
Michael Kauffman
Great product. Used on ribs and can't wait to use it when smoking other meats.
Dan DouglasDan Douglas
Dan Douglas
this stuff is awesome on a Brisket
Chris BricksonChris Brickson
Chris Brickson
I really love the flavor. We will be getting more. great job. 2 thumbs up
Robert HaumontRobert Haumont
Robert Haumont
My husband is an army veteran so we try to support as many veteran owned companies as we can... WannaRub definitely did not disappoint! We love this product and the company all together! You won’t regret this purchase!
Morgan BryantMorgan Bryant
Morgan Bryant
great flavor and some zing!
Kevin LittleKevin Little
Kevin Little
Before and After. Excellent taste, and provided a nice crispy skin. It is now my “go to”
Rub and seasoning.
Bob GuestBob Guest
Bob Guest
Awesome stuff on everything!
Todd JordanTodd Jordan
Todd Jordan
Since the first time I used it we love it. Use daily on just about everything we cook and we thank you for sharing such a awesome product.
Jack MerreighnJack Merreighn
Jack Merreighn
This goes on everything you can think of. ... chicken.. steak.... fish... grilled pineapple. ... brussel sprouts... must have in any kitchen .... replaced most of my spices!
Jodi CarnevaleJodi Carnevale
Jodi Carnevale
I have tryed all these great rubs and they re the best. Great flavors in each.
James MarshJames Marsh
James Marsh
The rub is delicious. It goes well with chicken, steak or with sour cream for a dip with chips or crackers. I want to try it on seafood. I bet it will be great there too.
David JohnsonDavid Johnson
David Johnson
This is the one! Goldilocks... Not too hot... Not to cool... Just right! The perfect combination of heat and sweet. I did a shoulder (Boston Butt) and a king size rack of ribs in my smoker. Best ever... And I have been doing this for a long time.
Alfred BenelliAlfred Benelli
Alfred Benelli
Great rub.
Gary BooksGary Books
Gary Books
Met the owner a festival and tasted the rub and was blown away by the amount of flavor that was packed in this bottle. i just smoked some chicken tonight and it came out phenomenal. 100% recommend
Benjamin MaleckiBenjamin Malecki
Benjamin Malecki
Great product. Can use it on anything.
Kristin ShireyKristin Shirey
Kristin Shirey
Ordered 2 bottles of Wanna Rub. First I had heard of it, but sounded like it was right down my little alley. lol This stuff makes ribs, steaks, etc., just incredible. Put it on the night before, perfect amount of flavor a touch of tanginess. Love... this stuff. We will be ordering more more
Thomas Brown (Tom)Thomas Brown (Tom)
Thomas Brown (Tom)
Awesome rub to use on everything . Also a great company to work with.
Rodney ElliottRodney Elliott
Rodney Elliott
Locally owned, veteran, makes great commercials, and tastes awesome. What else do you need to know about wanna rub? I purchased my first bottle at a local fair and will definitely be back for more. Great all around fun for any meats on the smoker or... stove more
Cj WitherspoonCj Witherspoon
Cj Witherspoon
Wow! Just ran out this weekend thinking of getting another one love the product!!!
gilbert vasquezgilbert vasquez
gilbert vasquez
We LOVE WannaRub!!! My husband makes me put it on almost every dish!!!! 150% Recommend!!!
Summer McNameeSummer McNamee
Summer McNamee
Excellent rub. May add to my cooking at my BBQ trailer.
Joe SperskiJoe Sperski
Joe Sperski
Got this in the mail yesterday, and immediately put some on fries as they came out of the fryer. This is the best rub ever. My kids also voted it the best in my house.
Steven AppelSteven Appel
Steven Appel
Very Tasteful Rub on anything you smoke
Mike NicholsMike Nichols
Mike Nichols
This is some very good stuff
Tim BergTim Berg
Tim Berg
THE best all around seasoning I’ve found. All real ingredients, no fillers or crappy stuff. I’d recommend this to anyone!
Sean RusserSean Russer
Sean Russer
I love this stuff! I put it on everything! From bologna and cheese sandwiches to steak and potatoes and more!
Gerri RoseGerri Rose
Gerri Rose
so awesome. love it on everything. even veggies
Chrissy AravichChrissy Aravich
Chrissy Aravich
fantastic flavor, great on chicken
Richard CartyRichard Carty
Richard Carty
I first heard about WannaRub at the Phoenixville Food Truck Festival in May. The rub is very flavorful and very versatile--it can be used on anything. I have put it on eggs, burgers, steak, veggies (both canned and fresh) baked mac and cheese to... name a few. I would recommend this rub to anyone that wants to up their cooking game!read more
Tim HopkinsTim Hopkins
Tim Hopkins
wow!! such great flavor on asparagus. grilled shrimp, fish and asparagus all with wannarub on them. such a great outdoor grill meal. thank you!!!
Trisha Gross JorgensonTrisha Gross Jorgenson
Trisha Gross Jorgenson
We love WannaRub, we’ve done chicken wings , ribs now a picnic roast. So amazing, the flavor.
Peter Powell KennanPeter Powell Kennan
Peter Powell Kennan
Made some wanna rub chicken tonight, and the sweet, tangy, barbeque flavor blasted off the chicken!!! Absolutely love the spice and reccomend any one with a passion for food to give it a try!
Micah MerrittMicah Merritt
Micah Merritt
Whipped up some homemade mac & cheese for dinner. Sprinkled a little WannaRub spice rub & seasoning on top. This seasoning is wicked awesome and as the label states is “the perfect condiment for all your food”. WannaRub is a veteran owned business... and a local business (based in Collegeville,PA). If you haven’t tried WannaRub yet, you’re gonna wanna!! #youknowyouwanna #spicethingsupalittle
#supportlocalbusiness #supportveteranownedbusiness
read more
Phyllis DelphiaPhyllis Delphia
Phyllis Delphia
Great flavor, and goes well with just about anything! Especially chicken wings!
John BissetteJohn Bissette
John Bissette
Tried the rub at a recent race in St Petersburg, FL and have been smoking chicken, beef and ribs with it ever since. Have even ordered sine and sent it to my other friends who smoke meats and enjoy a great “tub” from time to time!!
Mike MagouirkMike Magouirk
Mike Magouirk
Love the taste we used wanna rub on steak and chicken I wanna use it on a turkey next
Shelly SmithShelly Smith
Shelly Smith
I just received my first order of WannaRub last week and already had it with chicken and pork chops. I even mixed it with red potatoes. I highly recommend WannaRub on all meats and veggies. I'm looking forward to swordfish next.
Gary SeppyGary Seppy
Gary Seppy
We received our first bottle of WannaRub about a week ago. It tastes absolutely delicious and really adds a wonderful favor to just about everything. It's found a home in our spice rack.
Kevin StrobleKevin Stroble
Kevin Stroble
BBQ Recipe Reviews sent me!
Tom OneyTom Oney
Tom Oney
Wife cooked up a simple meal of pork chops and taters. The meal was a bomb with WannaRub. We are sold on it and look forward to trying it on many meals to come.
Jack MerreighnJack Merreighn
Jack Merreighn
Had WannaRub on meat and fish .
Hubby makes his own rub , thought it would be just another rub that sits in the cabinet boy was I wrong .
I bought a large container of this rub the day it launched March 5 , and
We are ready for another... bottle.
Thanks for introducing us to a great tasting rub !
read more
Viola RodeViola Rode
Viola Rode
So I highly recommend this rub. I took a whole weekend and substituted all my usual dry ingredients with this rub and it was a hit everytime. Chicken, Fish, Beef, and Steaks. Everyone tried to figure out what I added....It gave each dish new... life.... What a great addition to all my favorite family more
Denise Loschiavo KerchDenise Loschiavo Kerch
Denise Loschiavo Kerch
I do love cooking whether it's in the kitchen or or on the grill or better yet my Flat grill.. I have used WannaRub on chicken, steaks, and pork chops and loved the flavor everytime..
Toby WiseToby Wise
Toby Wise
We loved this last night! Fantastic on chicken!
Lori Hudson-PetersLori Hudson-Peters
Lori Hudson-Peters
Got our first bottle of WannaRub today and already used it. Absolutely delicious, will be using it everytime we grill 🤗❤
Wilda Rivera-NazarioWilda Rivera-Nazario
Wilda Rivera-Nazario
Probably one of the best rub I ever tried,as you can just about use it on all meats,poultry,fish.I'm trying it tonight in my breading for Lump Crab Cakes.This product could change the way you make your food taste better in the future.
Robert ZawislakRobert Zawislak
Robert Zawislak
Received several bottles of WannaRub from a friend last year. I have used it not only as a seasoning in many dishes but it is a super rub on steak, chicken and ribs. I cannot go to my sister’s house for a cookout without bringing WannaRub with me.... It is outstanding!
Theresa K. - Pottstown, PA
read more
Theresa KrenerTheresa Krener
Theresa Krener
Really enjoy wannaRub spice on all meat especially pork but would love to see them add some heat and smokeyness along with a sweet heat to their rub line very good product I even put it on my baked potato popcorn and grilled veggies try it you'll... love itread more
Terry LangleyTerry Langley
Terry Langley
So, we are trying this tonight on pork rids. We did try on steak but I think, with the hint sweetness, it will go better on pork products. We can update later with results : )
I love the taste just need a bigger bottle
Ben RodgersBen Rodgers
Ben Rodgers
Wonderful flavor, a little pricey but, worth it!
Randall LewisRandall Lewis
Randall Lewis
Great product with multiple uses on all type of meats and treats!
Brian GreenBrian Green
Brian Green
Used on some ribs and chicken, the taste along with the smoke was great. I would recommend it to others and I will order it again.
It's a great deal but I expected something more. The rub taste great but when you cook with it the taste fades away. Beautiful color but not much flavor. Tried ittwice on the grill and then the smoker and I am sorry to say that it was not what I... more
Tony BiggersTony Biggers
Tony Biggers
Every time I use it on chicken or ribs it burns on the outside of meat before its done ! Even at lower temperatures !
Dennis CordiDennis Cordi
Dennis Cordi
Big heads up, if you write a negative review they will ban you from their site, so all the wonderful reviews you read are simply Cherry picked. I have no idea how many poor reviews they have, but if this is their way of conducting business you can... extrapolate that their product is just about as suspect. This is only my opinionread more
James FaroneJames Farone
James Farone
My first order never came ?? I received an email stating that it was delivered so I went to my mail box and there was nothing there ?? So I wanted to try your product so I ordered it again and this time all went well ! I really like WannaRub it... gives just the right flavor!!read more
David HeinemanDavid Heineman
David Heineman
I ordered the wanna rub and never got it !
Michael LockhartMichael Lockhart
Michael Lockhart
I was very disappointed when I got my order it was advertised to buy one get one free and all I got was the ones that I paid full price for
Dale SchreckenbergDale Schreckenberg
Dale Schreckenberg